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Success in the Real Estate Industry is built on a firm foundation of learning and growing as a person and as a professional. This is your chance to see how the Nick McLean Real Estate Group has grown their business each and every year.

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Nick McLean

As the owner of the Nick McLean Real Estate Group, Nick spends a majority of his time helping his agents achieve greatness. Located in North Central Washington, Nick has catapulted his business to one of the fasts growing in the US. He uses proven strategies to enhance work flow and results. Real Estate Greatness starts with strong fundamentals and a willingness to learn.

Real Estate Greatness

Nick started the Real Estate Greatness group as a way to reach out to like minded professionals that want MORE! After witnessing the remarkable benefits of coaching and collaboration first hand, Nick wanted to share his insights and knowledge with the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs. If you want better relationships, more actionable leads, more collaboration, and ultimately more sales then we encourage you to watch the videos on this site and follow Real Estate Greatness with Nick McLean on Facebook.

Greatness is a Group Activity

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